Aster Public School

Greater Noida

ASTER Public School’s Positive Behavior Policy is an integral part of the School Development Plan. The purpose of this policy is to reflect the school’s vision and the aims and underlying ethos of Aster Public School.

Principal Message

Sonia Khanna

Mr. Sunil Kumar Saxena

With the advent of revolution in information, communication and technology there has been a paradigm shift in education which has had significant impact on process …

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School Campus And Facilities

The programme for value inculcation can be enriched by organizing visits to homes for destitute children and aged persons
to develop values of compassion and kindness.


Class Rooms


Tiny Tots Activity Area




Education for life

Education system not only imparts knowledge to the child but also helps n character building although the methodology and curriculum for the two may be different.

Latest Events

Aster Public School celebrated its first session activity with full enthusiasm.


Admission is granted purely on merit after tests and interview.

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Unity in diversity. Apart from Inter school and Inter House events, Special Assemblies are conducted to educate our students through labs and practicals. The school organized a number of competitions, so that they could express themselves and bring out their talents. The tiny-tots put up show and tell, plays, and story telling.

Student Speaks (Gr. Noida)

“Mathematics’” is a kind of cricket team with each letter bearing the code of eleven players. The first player ‘M’ which stands for “MIND” which is very important for playing the match. In the play field ‘A’ Stands for “Accuracy” which should be there otherwise we’d be ’CEAN BOWLED’ “T” denotes ‘ TALENT’ which is often made use of ‘H’ stands for ‘ HARD WORK’, ‘E’ stands for ‘EFFORT’ without which no match can be won. ’A’ denotes ‘ABSOLUTE’ – everything about this team is absolute ‘T’ denotes ‘TIDINES’ no tidiness, no runs scored. ‘I’ represents ‘INDUSTRY’ and ‘C’ for ‘CALCULATION’ without which the team is no good. The final ‘S’ makes you ‘SMILE’ provided all the 10 letter lead you to win the ‘MATHS’.

To realize the value of ONE YEAR,
ask a student who failed in the exam.
To realize the value of ONE MONTH,
ask a mother who gave birth to a
premature baby.
To realize the value of ONE WEEK,
ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realize the value of ONE HOUR
ask the father who has been waiting
for his child
To realize the value of ONE MINUTE
ask a person who has missed the train.
To realize the value of ONE
SECOND, ask a person who has just avoided an accident
To realize the value of the part of
ONE SECOND, ask the person who
has won a Silver medal in the

It is an undoubted fact that hard work is the key to success. You cannot achieve anything without hard work. If you want to do well in your studies, you have to work hard; if you wish to be the best athlete of your school, you must run faster; if your wish to be remembered as the best student of your school, you must put in more effort.

Right through the ages we find that great men and women the world over, have worked hard to achieve success. Edison, who invented the electric bulb, worded 21 hours a day; Florence Nightingale, who revolutionized modern nursing, supervised her staff during the day and did extensive research on medicine during the night.

The word rest did not exist in Mahatma Gandhi ‘s dictionary. Indira Gandhi worked tirelessly for our nation. Even popular film stars, sportsmen model and pop singers of today have had to work their way up. Their success was not given to them on a silver platter.

So if you want to fulfill you ambitions work hard and do not be frightened of failure. Failure is nothing but an opportunity for you to try again-may be a bit harder this time. You must make full use of your talents and remember that success can be only be achieved by hard work. There is no short cut to Success.