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Mayur Vihar

ASTER Public School’s Positive Behavior Policy is an integral part of the School Development Plan. The purpose of this policy is to reflect the school’s vision and the aims and underlying ethos of Aster Public School.

Principal Message

Sonia Khanna

Mrs. Sonia Khanna

Education is the Foundation of life that keeps the wheels of progress and development running, keeping this in mind our school in Mayur Vihar, new Delhi …

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School Campus And Facilities

The programme for value inculcation can be enriched by organizing visits to homes for destitute children and aged persons
to develop values of compassion and kindness.


Sports and Competitions


Computer Lab




Education for life

Education system not only imparts knowledge to the child but also helps n character building although the methodology and curriculum for the two may be different.

Latest Events

Aster Public School celebrated its first session activity with full enthusiasm.


Admission is granted purely on merit after tests and interview.

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Unity in diversity. Apart from Inter school and Inter House events, Special Assemblies are conducted to educate our students through labs and practicals. The school organized a number of competitions, so that they could express themselves and bring out their talents. The tiny-tots put up show and tell, plays, and story telling.

Student Speaks

Global warming is one of the most burning issues of the present time. We had not heard about this before 20 years, but this problem has reached an alarming situation. Global warming is a situation in which the temperature of our earth is increasing day by day. Due to smoke of factories, vehicles, refrigerators and air conditioners, various harmful gases like CO, SO, CFS, etc. are released. Because of increasing global warming glaciers are melting and water level is increasing – due to increase in water level many islands are on the verge of submerging. Ozone layer has grown a hole over Antarctica. This hole is bigger than the area of India. If we don’t stop the production of these gases it will take more than 50 years for the recovery of ozone layer.

When the teacher says 0(zero)

Then I become a hero

I hear the alphabet”Z” as “H”

I touch my heart with gentle strokes

And say that All is well

The youth of India have no worry

Saying this I am sorry

I would like to say we all are one

That is why All is Well

Aryabhatta’s gift for me

Will never change whether it is 0 or 100

Who says that 0 (zero) is bad

It is the only number which proved that earth is round.

Now the question – Is Aryabhatta wise or Megallan wiser?

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Going to school is paramount and imperative- schools get their recognition more by word of mouth than advertisements, the personal experience of the alumnus is the best source which gives sufficient information about the Alma Mater. The noble edifice which is the” unsung hero” plays a very important role and has a special place in everyone’s life, the pride and the standing you have in the society, is the reward of the tutelage. Hence, it […]

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