Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

Smt Angoori Devi Educational and Cultural Society laid the foundation of Aster Public School (in Delhi and NCR) with the aim of preparing the future generations to face the challenges of a dynamic world order. Hence, character building, imbibing democratic and secular values of Indian culture has been greatly emphasized upon.

APS is not the outcome of a spontaneous reaction but is the end result of a process of evolution and constructive thinking by a cross section of absolute professionals. It involves redesigning the most perfect model of an educational system, which not only provides all amenities and comforts but also conforms to the modern technology catering to the contemporary needs of an ever-changing society.

Our Mission

  • To impart quality education of high standard to all, irrespective of caste, creed or colour.
  • To promote International understanding and brother-hood through a broad based progressive educational programme.
  • To sensitize children to the necessity of preserving environmental purity and ecological balance.
  • To inculcate the qualities of leadership, team-spirit, cooperation, a humanistic approach and a scientific temper in the student.
  • To encourage and assist students to nurture their creative potential and inherent talents.