In early childhood you may lay the foundation of poverty or riches, industry of idleness, good or evil, by the habits to which you train your children. Teach them right habits then, and their future life is safe.

Pre-primary School: –

“In early childhood you may lay the foundation of poverty or riches, industry of idleness, good or evil, by the habits to which you train your children. Teach them right habits then, and their future life is safe.” – Lydia Sigourney

If you are a kindergarten teacher you can never forget the anxiety and worry on a young mothers face when she leaves her little bundle of joy in the pre-school for the first time. In spite of the assurances by the teacher that her child will be all right and she can leave, she repeatedly looks back or tries to peek in through the classroom window or the school gate. All of us as parents have experienced this tingling sensation and worrying emptiness inside us that this young mother is facing. We at Aster Public School are fully aware and committed to introduce a young child to the world of learning in a nurturing, stress-free and natural way.

It is rightly said that what happens in the early childhood classroom sets the stage for all later learning. The term Pre-Primary or Early Childhood Education refers to the education of the child in the age range of 3 to 6 years. Early Childhood Care and Education received an importance in the Indian context when it found its much-deserved place in the National Policy on Education 1986/1992, as the earliest stage of education. The children coming under this age are distinctively different from others and need special attention.

It is an established fact that 80 percent of the brain develops by the time the child is 4 years and is ready in transition from clumsy coordination to more refined skills.

The children in the age range of 3 to 6 years are curious, energetic, active and very eager to learn all from experiences. Their attention span is limited to 7 to 15 minutes at the maximum. Besides they are in the process of developing fine muscle coordination, particularly the wrist and fingers and therefore will be clumsy in holding and using pencil like writing tools.

Their thinking is perception bound and egocentric and limited to concrete objects and events. Their vocabulary is limited and listening comprehension is yet not adequate for any formal learning. Likewise their social skills are not sufficiently developed for effective group interaction and possibly need one to one relationship with the teacher. For them the teacher is the surrogate mother.

Considering the special nature of pre-school children and their special needs, in Aster Public School we have an activity based and participatory curriculum. Each month of the academic session has a different theme and a web of activities is built around that theme. It incorporates and coordinates all areas of learning – reading and number readiness, writing readiness, social studies, science and creative activities are related to the theme in focus.

Community helpers, occupation, fruits, vegetables, healthy food, nature, sky, sun, moon, stars, water, parts of the body, family, domestic animals, pets, wild life, flowers, trees are some examples of the themes assigned to different months. Theme based special days are observed and special assemblies are conducted. Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Tiny Master Chef’s Day, Counting Day, Lemonade Day, Clay Modelling Day, family day, Independence Day are some of the days observed. These activities make learning fun and enhance the level of confidence in the students.

To stimulate the imagination of the students a creative workshop was organized on 19th July, 2014. Our children happily look forward to coming to school because they know that they are going to role play, listen to stories, go for nature walks, model clay or do creative activities related to the theme for the month. Action songs, music and movement, free play (outdoors and indoors), picture reading, phonic drill are a part of their daily learning process. Smart board in the activity room has further made learning more enjoyable and interesting. Students love watching stories, movies and short films on the smart board.

It is our endeavour to make the child’s transition from the home to the preschool as positive as possible. Consequently, the preschool environment is warm, friendly, happy and secure.


Primary School:-

It is so rightly said that essence of true education lies in the primary years of every child. With this thought Aster Public school has taken a number of necessary steps to improve and sustain the standard of learning in its Primary wing.

To build confidence in oral English pupils are incessantly involved in activities such as Storytelling, poetry recitation and debates. This takes away stage fear and stimulates the young mind while learning the language. This is not only restricted to in-house activities but out of school competitions are also encouraged by accepting every chance or invitation to visit another school where pupils of all abilities participate.

Furthermore assembly is conducted by the pupils under the supervision of teachers .Here every child is boosted to exhibit his/her newly learnt skills by speaking on current affairs be it international, national , school or about sports. The day finishes on a lighter note where they learn Basic English whilst enjoying a mind game.

The Management has supported and encouraged a Primary Library for young Aster members.

Human Nature thrives on competition which in turn motivates ambition and in no way are the Primary children any different. The weekly class tests are used as a stir to create healthy competition between the four Aster houses. Teachers make an extra effort to exhibit the performance on the notice boards where pupils happily see the performance of their individual house.

The House monitors and perfects with their deputies are also given a primary place of pride on the school boards. Birthdays and daily achievements are displayed on the potpourri board and children crave to see their name here showing their individual talent.

History is made exciting, interesting and easy to remember by highlighting the commemorative days into activities where children seek and bring to class facts and proudly display their findings be it verbal or practical.

To give food for thought weekly thoughts appropriate for the primary years are displayed along the corridors and discussions on their individual take on these words of wisdom are part of verbal English lessons.

The Primary wing recognizes that besides book learning the children should be exposed to various sports, hence matches in most games are held regularly. Musical lessons have emerged a great hit and are enjoyed by all.

Pupils of Primary wing know their discipline limits, they maintain top most hygiene, stick to rigid routine, respect and care for other people’s property and above all love their formative school years.


Middle School:-

Middle School is the most exciting and eventful years in any student’s life. This is when fun filled activities co-exists with academics. It is a transition phase when children learn to cooperate with their peers and adults. The involvement in formal schooling and organized activities that begins during these years, introduces children to new social roles in which they earn social status by their competence and performance.

At ASTER , the middle school years are focused on helping each student to transition smoothly from the sheltered environment of the PRIMARY to the challenges they face in the Senior years at school. During these years, the focus is on balancing each student’s emotional aspect with his/her intellectual, social and physical development. Besides academics, the students are given lessons in value education, and taught to be responsible citizens . It has been our constant endeavour to provide a continuous and sustained attention to them so that they navigate through these years with ease.

Here The methodology is interactive and Activity Based i.e. students are allowed to explore and learn. The school provides a facilitating environment for the young minds. Well-equipped laboratories provide an environment to the students to learn by doing. The purpose is not to let the child feel stressed. This makes learning an interesting experience. The classrooms are equipped with smart boards connected to a PC that is networked to the server room . It helps the students to improve their knowledge as they get to watch visuals of what they are taught.”

Communicative Language teaching approach and Assessment of Listening and Speaking skills( ASL) emphasizes extensive use of English as a means of communication in the classroom. Lessons are planned in a student-centered manner.

Remedial teaching enables the weak students to improve in their respective subjects . On the basis of continuous performance of the child in class, the teacher puts in efforts to encourage and bring out the best in the student .

“Extra Curricular Activity Periods” is another method to bring out the talents in a student. Two periods a week are set aside where special attention is given for activities such as debate , art & craft, music, dance, dramatics, sports, etc. This provides a platform for a student where they can opt for activities of their choice. This helps them to gain confidence and self-belief.

A system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation(CCE) is followed through assessment of both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of education. This also helps to identify those positive attributes of a learner, which are not usually assessed during the examinations conducted at end of each term.

Aiming at holistic growth of the students through introduction of CCE, the school has incorporated “Life Skill Education and Personality Development “as an integral part of the curriculum.

Here at Aster we believe that quality education is about possibilities ,about success in real life, unleashing the child’s own talents, about excitement in learning new things, about being a good human being and a contributing citizen. We provide an opportunity to set the stage for a lifetime orientation of dedication to learning and growth.


Secondary & Sr. Secondary School:-

“Education” in modern parlance implies a world of new connotations, concepts and definitions. Each parent desires to see his child ‘educated’ in the best possible manner. Education has always been the transmission of civilization. Children today need more guidance, opportunities, counselling and sympathy in contrast to mere classroom instruction.

Therefore, we offer the best pedagogy and technology inside and outside the class rooms. And with a good student to teacher ratio, we support good intellectual risks and affirm positive socio-emotional growth. Our students are positively engaged through athletics, vocal and instrumental music, drama, debates, club activities, community service and travel opportunities.

Brushing up communication skills with ASL at the English Lab, Participating in Debate Competitions, Improving their creative writing with articles and essays, Getting Inventive with Art, Becoming budding scientists with symposiums, triumphing as mathematicians with quizzes, Being promising journalists with newsletters, news reading competitions and radio shows, and academically showing potential with ASL and PSA and many more are the activities designed at the school to make learning fun and enhance the level of confidence in the students.

In addition, we aim at the broader development of the complete personality of each student by creating an understanding and appreciation of India’s rich culture, a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty, a strong secular ethos, leadership with a sense of team work and fair play, an awareness of the environment, a concern for the less fortunate, a concern for human rights, a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure in realizing its mission.

Aster’s strongest asset is its family. The combination of management, students, parents and teachers has created a family unlike any other school where every member of the Aster community feels themselves a part of this great family!

Our commitment to our parents is to ensure that we will be providing the highest quality instruction in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. It is with this vision that we will forge ahead in the session 2014-15 also to hone and integrate the personality of every child, to equip them not only with the sword of knowledge but also to armour them with values which will give them strong roots and stronger wings to fly the world over carrying the message of “Service before Self”.



Mr. Sunil Kumar Saxena


Principal's Message

Good Education is never an accident, it is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. We at APS understand our responsibility to prepare the global citizens for tomorrow in such dynamic times.