Figuring out the right school that can be the best fit for your child can be bit skeptical.
However, while deciding and selecting the best amid the number of alternatives, you should definitely consider some of the basic elements that can end up making your child more skillful and accomplished in terms of education and other correlated segments. In an era of the rat race, where most of the children are seen running after marks, it has become highly important for the students to pay an equal attention to their intuitive and creative skills as the competition has made it relevant for the students to acquire an all-inclusive development pattern. This is when Aster Public School comes to mind.


Parents build blind trust over schools as they believe that their child would be under the constant guidance of supporting and educated adults. Imagine a scenario where the teacher preaching lessons to your child isn’t educated enough or a situation where she/he isn’t bothered about the level of understanding that the students are gaining for his/her subject?
Well! No parent would want to take a chance by sending their child to an environment like such. So now you can make out how relevant the role of educated and suitable faculty members is.
The teachers at Aster are highly qualified, very dedicated, the best in their field and excel in their subject right from the Pre-primary level to Senior Secondary Level so that no queries from the students have to go unanswered. All the teachers here are trained constantly with the latest teaching techniques making them extremely capable of creating an interest among students for their subject.


How many of you would feel gratified after sending your child to a school where the infrastructure isn’t in a proper condition and classrooms aren’t adequately designed with windows that provide proper ventilation to breathe? School buildings, classrooms, playground, and libraries play an important role in the school’s infrastructure.

Aster prides itself of its spacious and renovated buildings that create an impact in the lives of school children. Well-equipped labs help them to perform lab activities in an effective way. Its smart classrooms, well-stocked Libraries, latest games equipment, large playgrounds give an extra boost to students for making the most out from such facilities. A colossal assembly area and proper sanitation facilities are other infrastructural elements that speak volumes about the overall level of infrastructure of the school. These kinds of facilities provide an extra edge to potential students. The infrastructure of Aster has planned in such a way that it assures convenient teaching and learning for all.


Researchers suggest that an overcrowded and stressful environment can be a reason behind a decline in the learning capabilities. The external conditions play an influential role in fostering a child’s overall development. If the environmental features are appropriate, the students will face the positive impact else, the scenario can be the other way round.

The environment at Aster is sincere and disciplined which in turn encourages students to follow the same disciplined pattern. The existing parents know that Aster follows precise regulations while taking in students to make an environment that can be fruitful for your child.


Most of the researchers and educationalists have time and again accepted the role and contribution of extracurricular in the development of children and the fact that they develop the leadership and social skills.

Aster believes that creative activities give an extra edge to a student as it fosters the intuitive and intellectual skills and that students should not be just bound to the academics but also lay importance towards the extracurricular wing. The creative art, music, dance or sports sessions at school give students a break from the long tiring classes. Thus, extracurricular activities help students in maintaining an interest in the academics as well. Various workshops and student participation in these activities boost the soft and hard skills of the students while fostering their social skills.


Regrettably, athletic programs are being reduced or even eliminated in many schools. These are tough economic times for most schools district. Sports and arts programs are usually areas where most schools feel they can cut expenses.

On the other hand, Aster Public School historically has made sports an integral part of their educational program. It feels that sports are part of a balanced approach to education. The athletic facilities and programs at the school far surpass those found at many colleges. Let’s be clear about what you are looking for. If you just need sports as an exercise component in your child’s education you will find that sports activity is available at just about every school. But if it is a higher standard of play and performance which you seek, then Aster Public School is the best that you can get in with its individual athletic programs fostering National and International Players in various sports like Football, Cricket, Hockey etc. It can be proudly said that at Aster its just not sports but culture.

In the end parents please understand that schools’ quality varies widely and is largely dependent on two things: parental involvement and the school environment. All students are different. One child could be miserable in a particular school, while another blossom. Don’t rely on neighborhood talks and social media. Visit Aster Public School for yourself and your child. Like many others, you might be shocked … in a good and pleasant way.

——– By Radhika Sarma (School Coordinator)