Learning by Doing

Aster’s teaching faculty takes the traditional school curriculum and transforms it to outcome based education. For instance a lesson on “Swatch Bharat” will go along with an action plan that will inculcate the habit of keeping   the surroundings clean and make them learn and practice the idiom “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” .

Knowledge is gained only when learning is experienced through experiment and put to use. .

Project based learning has an impact in the minds of the students. Hence, the school encourages students to not only make projects on varied topics but also to use materials that can be re-cycled so that the environment is also preserved and the value for conservation of nature also understood. Hence emphasis is laid in imparting knowledge rather than curriculum.

From Memorizing to Motivating

For instance English teaching is not everything about Grammar and essays… It is also about teaching pronunciations, horning up writing skills, and creating vocabulary bank. It gives the student the confidence of conversing in English beyond the classroom. Various listening activities and role-plays are conducted so that the fear of speaking in public is waned off…

Grooming/Training Program for Teachers

School functions according to its own modules and curriculum. Hence burden, it is very unfair to impose on the newly recruited teacher to adapt to the new environs immediately and automatically. Hence, there are several programmes for grooming teachers which enables them to adapt to the norms laid by the school. There are induction modules wherein the teachers are familiarized with the working of the school.

There is a training module on soft skills because it is very easy to have a safety and protection policies. Unless the teachers are made aware as to why these policies are implemented and the importance made clear the teachers would not find it to apply valued in their classrooms effectively.

There is also training on specified subjects for the teachers to facilitate them to impart learning to the students.

The school conducts workshops which are held periodically by subject leaders and the co-coordinators. It is imperative for teachers to attend these workshops.

In-house senior teachers also conduct regular workshops on, reading, writing and comprehension as these are of important for achieving linguistic proficiency. Teachers are also attending workshops and conferences to have a hands-on the pedagogy.

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