The team spirit , loyalty and challenges form the forte of the seniors
Plays, dance, extempore, just a minute, street plays


We, follow the curriculum based on CBSE pattern recognized by Govt. of the NCT Delhi. The curriculum is designed keeping in view the age group of the students and their ability to develop the all round personality of the child which makes teaching and learning a joyful activity.

The school follows the curriculum based on the pattern recognized by the Govt. and NCT.

The Evaluation system is based on CCE (continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) the system of Evaluating the student is based on both Co-scholastic and Scholastic activities to prepare the students for an overall development without being stressed.

The assessment is split into 2 terms. (Ist term and 2nd Term)

(FA1, FA2 and SA1) Is the first term (FA3, FA4 and SA2) is the 2nd term.

The FA4 is project based to enable the pupil to exhibit their innovative ideas.

In the junior classes the assessment is spread throughout the year,

So that the students are eased out of the examination buff and stress. The system applied is totally playway method , role play and elocution. The Learning of the colours are defined into days. Green day, red day, yellow day and blue day is celebrated so that the student are able to not only learn the colours but also connect it to various things found in the nature. The prime reason for this learning is to understand and grasp the subject rather than memorizing it.


Sonia Khanna


Principal's Message

Education is the Foundation of life that keeps the wheels of progress and development running, keeping this in mind our school in Mayur Vihar, new Delhi offers an impeccable quality education under unique conditions .

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