Sports and Competitions

Where, class rooms are the platform for academics; playground is a source for developing a healthy body and a clear mind, Recreational room facilitate the students to play indoor games like T.T. which have well made tables.

The school has special coaches for karate and Skates other than a Physical Training to groom the students in Drill and discipline..

Competitions: Our students participate in various competitions Inter-school , Inter-house and Inter class competitions. The competitions form an integral part of all house activities. A lot of emphasis is given to team spirit and it also forms the base for healthy inter-action, motivation and togetherness. Our Student have made us proud in which ever competition they have participated be it Nukkad Natak, Plays or creativity we have won accolades and awards.

Music Room – The school imparts training in both vocal and instrumental music and ensures that each and every child revives his senses with the knowledge of music.. The traditional tabla and the harmonium ease the instructors in teaching vocal and instrumental music.

Art and Craft Room: The students of our school are provided with a creative impetus through the art and craft classes. Love and appreciation for the work of art is induced in the students by their art and craft teacher. The art and craft room is an all time favorite place for children who enjoy playing with colors or a medium of their choice. A plethora of craft work constructively engages them

Extra Curricular Activities: A host of clubs, under able and proficient teachers enable students to exhibit their talents in Music, Dance, Speech, Drama and Elocution, computers and Environment conservation. The students are at liberty to choose their preferred hobby.

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