Taekwondo Championship


Taekwondo Championship

Event Venue
Rockwood Sr. Sec. School, Sec-33, Noida.

Event Date
7th Sep, 2014


Bravo! We have won the 1st Ultimate Fighters Taekwondo Championship organised by Ghaziabad Taekwondo Association on 7th September, 2014 at Rockwood Sr. Sec. School,  Sec-33, Noida. 19 School, 2 Academies participated in the championship. 28 Students of our School participated in the championshi.

Asterians bagged the 1st Position in the championship. The Medal tally was 16 gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze. Our Taekwondo Coach Mr.Yogesh got best coach award and Harshit Gupta (7-B) bagged the best fighter award.

Student’s Name Class Medal
Harshit Gupta 7-B Gold
Jatin Chaudhary 7-B Gold
Karthik 8-A Gold
Aman 8-A Gold
Piyush Nivas 4-A Gold
Piyush Chaudhary 4-A Gold
Samriddhi 4-A Gold
Abishek 4-A Gold
Aftab Alam 6-A Gold
Ish 5-A Gold
Rithik 8-A Gold
Vishal 3-B Gold
Sohail 8-B Gold
Piyush 8-A Gold
Student’s Name Class Medal
Anmol 7-A Silver
Anchit 8-B Silver
Varun 5-A Silver
Ansh 4-A Silver
Anmol Pandey 5-B Silver
Saif Ali 5-B Silver
Harsh 5-B Silver
Paras 8-A Silver
Student’s Name Class Medal
Shivam Thapa 7-A Bronze
Avnish 5-A Bronze
Kunal 8-B Bronze
Himanshu 8-B Bronze
Pawansh 7-A Bronze
Himanshu Tiwari 5-B Bronze

5th Inter-School Taekwondo Championship


5th Inter-School Taekwondo Championship

Event Venue
New Delhi

Event Date
27th Jul, 2014


Hurrah ! We have won the 5th Inter-School Taekwondo Championship organised by Central District Taekwondo Association on 27th July at Naraina, New Delhi. 19 Schools and 4 Academics participated in the championship. 38 Students of our school participated and they brought laurels by securing the 1st Position in the championship. We brought 17 gold medals, 19 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals in our school.

Student’s Name Class Medal
Samriddhi Snakar Mishra 4-A Gold
Urvashi Raghav 4-A Gold
Piyush Nivas 4-A Gold
Tarakant Kumar 5-A Gold
Saif Ali 5-B Gold
Rachit Banerjee 5-A Gold
Abhishek Chaudhary 6-A Gold
Jatin Raikwar 4-A Gold
Anmol Pandey 5-B Gold
Himanshu Tiwari 5-B Gold
Himanshu Chaudhary 9-F Gold
Baibhav Kumar Thakur 5-A Gold
T.Pavitra 4-A Gold
Jatin Chaudhary 7-B Gold
Parikshit 9-F Gold
Rohit Kumar 9-E Gold
Student’s Name Class Medal
Pawansh Sharma 7-A Silver
S.Manikandan 6-A Silver
Aryaan Pawa 5-A Silver
Shashank 5-B Silver
Harshit Gupta 7-B Silver
Raj Shekhar 5-B Silver
Shlok Sharma 8-B Silver
Siddharth Negi 5-A Silver
Ish Sharma 5-A Silver
Jarmanpreet Singh Randhawa 5-B Silver
Varun Kumar Meena 5-B Silver
Prince Kumar 5-B Silver
Varun Pandey 5-A Silver
Kunal 8-B Silver
Shivam Thapa 7-A Silver
Jatin Chaudhary 5-A Silver
Ritik Chaudhary 8-A Silver
Vishal 3-B Silver
Aftab Alam Khan 6-A Silver
Student’s Name Class Medal
Vansh Pandita 7-A Bronze
Nomaan Nasir 7-A Bronze

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