The team spirit , loyalty and challenges form the forte of the seniors
Plays, dance, extempore, just a minute, street plays

“What a year that was when you were born sweet and tiny, bright as the first light of dawn see how time passes. The time has come when my dear goes to school to take first plunge in the knowledge pool”.


Beginner’s Stage:

Pre School (Age 2 ½ – 3) – ‘Play Away………..’

Here the child is provided with a social environment through informal play way activities like playing, singing, dancing, making friends, sharing, caring and conversing with each other. The child learns to express his needs, develops emotional stability and practices manners and ettiquette. This is the preparatory stage to wean the children away from parental dependency. The motor skills are developed and they are taught to hold a crayon.


Stage 1:

Nur. To K.G. (Age 3 ½ – 5) – ‘Get ready to go to School’-

This is a preparatory unit towards more formal education system introduced at Class I level. Montessori Method is followed to cater to mental, physical, social and emotional development of a child. Our main objective at this level is to initiate, groom, nurture and prepare the child to launch him/her into a formal school environment by developing his social, lingual, physical and motor aspects, creative expression and cognitive skills through a range of play way activities which include games, art and craft, singing and dancing.


Stage 2:

Primary – Classes 1 to 5 (Age 6-10) – ‘Here is the School!’-

Main focus at this stage is on building core basic skills and competencies in Languages (English and Hindi), Arithmetic and Environmental Sciences (Social and General Science) Third Language; Introductory Sanskrit is introduced at class 5 level. Co-curricular activities, Compulsory art and craft, music, dance, physical education, games, library and computer education are a part of the regular time table.


Stage 3:

Middle – Classes 6 to 8 (Age 11-14) – ‘You have now arrived!’-

Here our aim is to develop core basic skills and competencies. Emphasis is laid on learning by doing and thus develops creative thinking. Students take a compulsory course in six essential subjects, viz: Three languages (Hindi, English and Sanskrit), Mathematics (Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry) Social and Environmental Sciences (to include History, Geography, Civics and Economics) and Science and Technology.


Sharbari Banerjee


Principal's Message

I strongly believe in the words of one of the Greatest Scientist Albert Einstein, “ All that is valuable in the human society, depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to each individual of the society”.

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+91 80-1010-9090