Library and Labs

Computer Lab – Computers are extensively used in almost every sphere of life. Computer literacy and proficiency is a must and we take special efforts to ensure that our students are adept with the machine. The student computer ratio of 1:1 ensures that students get a practical experience of what they learn in class. Students are trained in the usage of MS Word, Ms Excel and Ms Power Point etc. and are given hands on simple programming.

Science Lab – The laboratory has a central and distinctive role in science education and rich benefits are yielded by training the children in practical classes. Science and social science is a hands-on subject in which students experience the topic by doing the things practically. The school has a well-equipped composite science lab to satisfy children’s thirst. The lab has all updated models and equipments for carrying out investigations. Besides, there are three separate well equipped and well organized labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Library“A good library is a place, a palace where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet.” -Shmuel Niger

To felicitate proper reading and learning within school premises, school provides a well equipped library for senior and junior wings. It is richly stocked with books, covering all spheres of academics and co- curricular references. Students are also granted the privilege to utilize all types of reference books and encyclopedias that the library possesses.