Key to Success

Key to Success

Self is one’s identity and character that needs to be developed with the correct attitude that enhance your abilities and escalate your potential and help you build on and fulfil the purpose of your life

Self-motivation has a huge impact on how well your child performs at school. Children are naturally motivated to learn until they’re about 7 years old. After this time, they’ll need the ability to motivate themselves, a vital skill if they are to succeed. It is true that self-motivation can only come from within, but there are ways you can help your child nurture it, giving them an advantage that will pay off for life.

But, what is the self and self motivation without parents and teachers?

Here are ways we can help ……….

Encourage Optimism and Positive Thinking

Focus on solutions to problems rather than dwelling on setbacks, combined with having a positive outlook on life. This will encourage your child to adopt the same approach.

Encourage Persistence

Reward effort rather than just success. You will help your child to develop the resilience he’ll need to face failure and to keep trying until he finds the road to future success.

Deal with Failure

Teach your child to accept that sometimes everybody fails.  Setbacks are hurdles to make him stronger and get better.

Encourage Interests and Hobbies

Children who have a range of interests will be exposed to different thinking and using varied intelligences for different tasks. Hobbies help children relax and refresh to successfully complete tasks that are mundane or less interesting with renewed vigour.

Celebrate Achievement

Knowing how to celebrate and enjoy success, both his own and others’, will make him respect ability and value performance.

Adapt to Your Child’s Unique Learning Style

Children have different learning styles and you need to identify and adapt to your child’s ability to learn,]. Auditory learners will sit and listen to new information, visual learners prepare charts and tables and kinaesthetic learners may walk around while reading or even jot down information in points to remember. Adapting to their preferred way of acquiring information and knowledge will keep learning stress free for your child.

Parents can help improve their child’s chance of success only by starting early and consistently encouraging them in the formative years to set the ball rolling for achieving excellence in every sphere all his life !!!