Skill Development Need Of The Hour

Skill Development Need Of The Hour

A twenty two year old post graduate went to an employer to get a job. In the interview, the employer asked the man, “What do you know?” The man replied, “I am an M.A.” The employer was not satisfied. He asked again, “What else do you know?” The man thought that perhaps his employer had not heard him properly. So, he repeated his words, “Sir, I am an M.A.” Ultimately the man had to lose the job.

What do we learn from this story? The story tells us that besides academic excellence, we should develop some skills. If the man in the story had said he had interests in singing, drawing, painting or cooking, perhaps he would have got the job.

Today’s world is very competitive. It is very necessary to develop in a child, one or the other skill which can lay a sound foundation in shaping his future. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly emphasized on the need of skill development. In one of his speeches he said that skill development should be an integral part of education. By the time of finishing his basic education, a student should have learnt some skill that can create job opportunities for him.

Aster has been following this theory since its inception. Skill development has been one of the key words of Aster education. An all round development of child is its motto. As soon as a child enters Aster, he involuntarily learns many skills which can be of great help in his future. Various competitions and activities are organized from time to time for refinement of different skills.

Thus, skill development should be an essential part of education. Schools should impart such knowledge that enables a student to confidently measure up the unpredictable challenges of this competitive and fast moving world. A greater responsibility lies on the schools. Apart from imparting bookish knowledge, they should instill some talent in children. This need calls for a change in our thinking too. We think that getting more and more degrees is a passport to get a good job or make a good career. This myth needs to be broken. In today’s scenario, a skilled person is more likely to get a job than highly educated but unskilled man. The time has come when we should combine our education with career oriented activities. After all, it is the fittest who can survive in the world of cut-throat competition.