We at Aster Institutions are fully aware and committed to introduce a young child to the world of learning in a nurturing, stress-free and natural way.

Considering the special nature of pre-school children and their special needs, in Aster Institutions we have an activity based and participatory curriculum. Each month of the academic session has a different theme and a web of activities is built around that theme. It incorporates and coordinates all areas of learning – reading and number readiness, writing readiness, and creative activities. Community helpers, occupation, fruits, vegetables, healthy food, nature, sky, sun, moon, stars, water, parts of the body, family, domestic animals, pets, flowers, trees are some examples of the themes assigned to different months. Theme based special days are observed and special assemblies are conducted. Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Tiny Master Chef’s Day, Lemonade Day, Clay Modelling Day, Grand Parents Day, Independence Day are some of the days observed. These activities make learning fun and enhance the level of confidence in the students.

To stimulate the imagination of the students creative workshop are organized. Our children happily look forward to coming to school because they know that they are going to role play, listen to stories, go for nature walks, model clay or do creative activities related to the theme for the month. Action songs, music and movement, free play (outdoors and indoors), picture reading, phonic drill are a part of their daily learning process. Smart board in the activity room has further made learning more enjoyable and interesting. Students love watching stories, movies and short films on the smart board. It is our endeavor to make the child’s transition from the home to the preschool as positive as possible. Consequently, the preschool environment is warm, friendly, happy and secure.


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