It is so rightly said that essence of true education lies in the primary years of every child.

With this thought Aster Institutions has taken a number of necessary steps to improve and sustain the standard of learning in its Primary wing. To build confidence in oral English pupils are incessantly involved in activities such as Storytelling, poetry recitation and debates. This takes away stage fear and stimulates the young mind while learning the language. This is not only restricted to in-house activities but out of school competitions are also encouraged by accepting every chance or invitation to visit another school where pupils of all abilities participate.Furthermore assembly is conducted by the students under the supervision of teachers .Here every child is encouraged to speak on current affairs be it international, national, school or about sports. The Management has supported and encouraged a Primary Library for young Aster members. Human Nature thrives on competition which in turn motivates ambition and in no way are the Primary children any different. Teachers make an extra effort to exhibit the student work on the display boards where students happily see their skills. The class monitors and perfects with their deputies are also given a primary place of pride on the school boards. Events and individual achievements are displayed on the potpourri board and children crave to see their name here showing their individual talent.

History is made exciting, interesting and easy to remember by highlighting the commemorative days into activities where children seek and bring to class facts and proudly display their findings be it verbal or practical. To give food for thought weekly thoughts appropriate for the primary years are displayed along the corridors and discussions on their individual take on these words of wisdom are part of verbal English lessons. The Primary wing recognizes that besides book learning the children should be exposed to various sports, hence matches in most games are held regularly. Musical lessons have emerged a great hit and are enjoyed by all. Students of Primary wing know their discipline limits, they maintain top most hygiene, stick to rigid routine, respect and care for other people’s property and above all love their formative school years.


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