Today each parent desires to see his child ‘educated’ in the best possible manner.

Education has always been the transmission of civilization. We offer the best pedagogy and technology inside and outside the class rooms with a good student to teacher ratio. Our students are positively engaged  through athletics, vocal and instrumental music, drama, debates, club activities, community service and travel opportunities. Brushing up communication skills with ASL at the English Lab, Participating in Debate Competitions, Improving their creative writing with articles and essays, Getting Inventive with Art, Becoming budding scientists with symposiums, triumphing as mathematicians with quizzes, Being promising journalists with newsletters, news reading in morning assembly, and academically showing potential with ASL and PSA and many more   are the activities designed at the school to make learning fun and enhance the level of confidence in the students. In addition, we aim at the broader development of the complete personality of each student by creating an understanding and appreciation of India’s rich culture, a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty, a strong secular ethos, leadership with a sense of team work and fair play, an awareness of the environment, a concern for the less fortunate, a concern for human rights, a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure in realizing its mission.

Aster’s strongest asset is its family. The combination of management, students, parents and teachers has created a family unlike any other school where every member of the Aster community feels themselves a part of this great family!. Our commitment to our parents is to ensure that we will be providing the highest quality instructions in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. It is with this vision that we will forge ahead in the coming sessions also to hone and integrate the personality of every child, to equip them not only with the sword of knowledge but also to armour them with values which will give them strong roots and stronger wings to fly the world over carrying the message of “Service before Self”.


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