White Lotus International School, Surat

CBSE Affiliation No. 430274

White Lotus International School’s Positive Behavior Policy is an integral part of the School Development Plan. The purpose of this policy is to reflect the school’s vision and the aims and underlying ethos of Aster Public School.

Principal Message


Mrs. Purvika David Solanki

We strongly believe in the collaboration between the administrators, teachers and parents openly and frequently. We look forward to a long association.

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School Campus And Facilities

The programme for value inculcation can be enriched by organizing visits to homes for destitute children and aged persons
to develop values of compassion and kindness.


The Campus




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Education for life

Education system not only imparts knowledge to the child but also helps n character building although the methodology and curriculum for the two may be different.

Latest Events

Aster Public School celebrated its first session activity with full enthusiasm.


Admission is granted purely on merit after tests and interview.

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Unity in diversity. Apart from Inter school and Inter House events, Special Assemblies are conducted to educate our students through labs and practicals. The school organized a number of competitions, so that they could express themselves and bring out their talents. The tiny-tots put up show and tell, plays, and story telling.

Developing the legends of tomorrow

Schools are the place where children are administered with the quality that are present inside them. School is not only the place where the vast comes to get the knowledge of academic, and concerns their life in the path leading to education establishment. It is also the platform where students can come up to the society with their impressive talents towards their passion and roles.
White Lotus International School is among the top 10 school in Surat, that offers the perfect platform for the students to explore the talents that they hold beneath them. In terms of education, or athletes, or any co-curricular activities, this CBSE school in Surat renders the favourable environment for the students to lead their dreams.

Every new day is filled with new opportunities which are waiting for the new blossoming buds to touch them with open hands. The ever changing role of time is moving ahead with a buzzing speed and the sole supporter in this situation is known to be the education. The oasis of education is filled with varied benefits which can help a child grow to their utmost capabilities. The constant and stable support showered by the well- maintained education structure can prove to be an extremely pulling factor for the attainment of a sturdy career. A blooming career can easily instill the much coveted boost in a child’s not only mental capabilities but emotional and social capabilities as well. By acquiring the support of a strong team of education faculty from this excellent school in surat, a child can easily attain the confidence to move ahead in the world. Equipped with a strong and viable infrastructure, our school aims at providing the children with the world class amenities where they can grow to the fullest with intrinsic confidence.

WILS offers a safe, secure, stimulating and productive environment that helps to bring out the best in your child. Students will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages them to think freely and apply their learning to everyday life.
We create a secure, stimulating and happy envirnoment, where each child can develop self confidence and through responsible independence, have the confidence to investigate new experiences and expand their horizons. The classrooms are brightly decorated and fully equipped to enhance the developmental skills for early learning. The outdoor play area is equipped with playhouses, slides, swings, sand-play area etc.
We believe that the years before the age of five are crucial to a child’s healthy social development, as it is during these tender, impressionable years that the character is formed. Therefore, when choosing a nursery, parents need to be confident that those to whom they entrust this responsibility are qualified, dedicated and capable of meeting the individual needs of their child. The environment must be safe, happy and stimulating giving your child every encouragement to develop to his/her potential. The Kindergarten materials provide a sound academic base. They attract your child’s interest and support your child’s learning. An active, handson approach enables your child to discover the world by our planned outdoor activities as an “Extension of the Classroom”.

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