A BULLY IS JUST ONE  – Big,  Unruly, Lewd, Loathsome & Yokelish BRAT !!!!!

A BULLY IS JUST ONE – Big, Unruly, Lewd, Loathsome & Yokelish BRAT !!!!!

Greetings from Amitta Engineer – Academic Counselor – White Lotus International School…
The best way to stop your child from getting bullied is by knowing a BULLY BETTER !!!!!
Are bullies brave and strong? Are they confident and accomplished? Do people look up to them as role models? Does anyone love them?
We just love to HATE BULLIES?
So, how right are we in sharing the same emotion of “HATE”; just as Bullies … think hard and think with your heart …..
Sticks and stones break my bones but harsh words break my heart !!!
It’s very easy to hate, but it takes a lot of patience and endurance to be kind and caring. So let’s take up the challenge and try to understand how a Young Brat becomes a Big Bully…
A long period of stress and trauma with pent-up frustrations where the individual simply does not know how to positively respond to his tension and resorts to bullying others as a coping mechanism. He, therefore, becomes loud, aggressive and violent and even resorts to alcohol and drug abuse without correct and timely intervention.
Low self-esteem and confidence is a general characteristic of all big bullies. In order to mask how they actually feel about themselves, the bully deflects attention on someone else.
On the flip side, lack of attention and rejection at home and in the social circuit makes bullies loud, rebellious and aggressive. In reality, they make be just seeking empathy and care.
Everyone needs security in their relationships – within and outside their home. Difficult home life and absence of affection and quality time with parents, poor socio-economic conditions also arouse pent-up hostility of years to make depressed youngsters resort to hounding and bullying.
A Bully is a Bigger, Badder, but a Sadder person who needs a big hug ….
If you see someone being bullied, tell the bullies to stop. Tell a teacher, take help of a counselor. Make it known to the bullies that what they doing are very, very wrong and will not be accepted.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Step Up so that you are not Stepped Upon !!!